Things That Matter is an ongoing collective storytelling project created by Valentina Ciarapica and Alessia Rotondo.

Things That Matter web platform has been developed by Nuala Patriarca.

Of course, everything started with Yuri.


Valentina Ciarapica Things That Matter - Discoball is a Berlin-based video editor and visual artist focused on interactive and new media projects. She fell in love with transmedia storytelling in 2011 working as a post-production artist on an interactive school game in Berlin. Her passion for travel and cultures strongly define the nature of her works. She likes to turn people and places into stories and emotions.

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Alessia Rotondo
has always been in love with good stories. She decided to be a (screen)writer since she wrote a radioplay broadcasted by Radio Rai. Now she just can’t help it: short movies, animation, a non-­linear storytelling project at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. She really thinks stories can change the world. She loves California, stop-motion and pizza.

Things That Matter - Bread
Nuala Patriarca
follows the motto: “Work for money, design for love”. An Interaction Designer since 2009, she collaborates with important companies in Milan, developing projects that require interface and complex user interactions. When she doesn’t work or love, she bakes bread listening to her friend’s stories.

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Yuri Blake lives in the year 1102 A.B. (After the Blackout), that means something around 3157. Yes, you got it right: he’s a guy from the future. He’s not a professional archaeologist, although he’s definitely got a thing for old stuff. He would define himself as “a curious, stubborn human being”. So stubborn, that he hadn’t stopped trying until his message reached our current present, even if… Well, messing with the Old Internet is not exactly “legal” in the time he lives in. But don’t worry, he’ll be fine, especially now that thanks to Things That Matter and its contributors, the Wunderkammer where he collects objects and stories is growing every day more and more.