Things That Matter _ Donald


Ever since I can remember, it has been in my life. I don’t even know if it was mine or my brother’s. It has always been there, under my chin when I was a baby, then next to the burner, with a wooden spoon on, when my mum and my granny used to cook. Then I left home to live on my own and it has been so natural: I had to keep it. A funny, kitsch mate in every culinary adventure. During every dinner with friends it was there, laying on the shelf in the kitchen with a spoon on it.
Now a new friend joined us, a brand new spoon with “Rest in Grease” printed on. But, as soon as it is dirty, Donald Duck ends back next to the burner to be a part of my life again.

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I was 16 when my parents decided to leave for a road trip around Russia. I was quite scared...
My english will not be perfect but i'm sure everyone will understand what i'm talking about.