Things That Matter _ Toy Cat

– Good morning. I need a toy.
– Well, you’re in the right place then.
– It’s for a baby girl. A friend from college had this great idea of reproducing himself. We’ll visit him next week.
– What about a ball? This one is fluffy and makes sounds…
– I can’t believe he has a kid. I mean, he was the worst between us. A good guy, for sure, but used to party every night. And now… A father. That’s too serious.
– It happens to all of us.
– Parenthood?
– No. Growing up.
– Well, not all of us. I like the ball, but I was picturing something bigger…
– What about the pink fairy?
– I hate pink. Especially for girls. Sorry.
– No worries, I can see why.
– What is this?
– The pirate?
– No, just right next to it.
– Oh, that. It’s a crocodile. You hang it on the headboard, so the child can play.
– I love it.
– She’ll love it too, I’m sure.
– Could you wrap it up, please?
– Of course, in a minute.
– Oh, look. I love this little cat. I used to have a bunch of these animals at my grandma’s house, when I was a kid.
– You can have it. It’s yours.
– Really?
– Really.
– Thank you very much.
– You’re very welcome.
– You see? Not all of us ever grow up.

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That warm evening I was riding my bike when I saw a wonderful specimen of Inachis Io, on the verge of dying.
This t-shirt is a present from a friend of mine who came over to visit me for a few days last autumn.