Things That Matter _ Reminder


I took this picture on my first trip to London.
The first time I went somewhere alone.
The first time I challenged myself with a new language, new culture and the adventure of finding my place in a big city.
During those days I was used to walk up and down the South Bank, watching this dazzling city from a certain distance, fixing images and ideas. The South Bank was my quiet place, my break from the city my place to think and elaborate what I was living.
One evening I was setting on a bench, more or less in the middle of the promenade.
As my neighbour stood up I saw the famous metallic sign. I was aware I was starring at the product of an urban marketing campaign who was clearly saying to its citizens: “Yeah I make you work to much, but, hey, I am also telling you to take a break, sometimes at least. I am not that bad.”
Anyway, It made me smile and suddenly feeling less lonely.
This picture has been following me in my many adventures since then, hanging on my wall or virtually clued on my desktop.
It still tells me to stop and think sometimes.

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This rock has been traveling with me since 2009. It sits on my desk as a reminder
Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey.