Things That Matter _ iPhone

I wish it was something more beautiful or glamorous but the truth is, it is important to me.
It is a picture of my cellphone, computer, camera and music player.
It is called an iPhone.
The reason why this little electronic box matters to me, is because it connects me to the people I love the most when they are not near. I can communicate with my family and friends no matter where I am located in the world and because they are so important to me this little contraption is important to me as well.
My mom has gotten me all of my cellphones including this one. She knows I don’t like the phone but she took matters into her own hands when I once went with out a cell phone for over 5 months and did not have a phone to call my family on Christmas many years ago.
This particular model comes in a coral color and it matches my favorite gel nail polish color called “Brighter than you.”

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