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It all started when I got into acting school in 2004. After three days of performing, I got accepted.
My parents were happy that their son chose his future path successfully and they gave me a present.
A red leather jacket. The one we saw in the store the other day, in Munich, the city where I was going to stay for the next three years.
Great style, awesome deal. I guess it must have been fake leather.
For me it was just about that particular time in life it always reminded me. I don’t care about clothes that much, anyway.
But two years later, someone broke into my car and stole it.
I was so sad.
Everyone would say: it’s just a jacket…
But for me it was the symbol of a new beginning, a new life path after dark years, and it was gone.
For the next couple of years, I was kind of looking out for a new one whenever I got the chance.
Not desperately looking, but always feeling something was missing.
So hard, since the old one was so special and meant so much to me.
Around four years later again I changed my life path.
I said to my acting management: “I have to leave Germany. I wanna make a small dream come true and move to Los Angeles for a while.”
In L.A. I attended an even more amazing acting school and it was a blast. Best time ever.
So after two months or so, I coincidentally saw a red leather jacket on Melrose Place in West Hollywood.
It kinda looked like my old one, but way better.
Even the red was the shade I always wanted. Like James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.
I checked other stores online, to see if I could get it cheaper and so on. But it was extremely unique, rare to get in the US, Europe or wherever.
So after three hours of thinking ­- it was sooooo expensive -­ I finally bought that great thing. Such a tough decision, because of financial issues.
Most of my savings were gone, but I just couldn’t leave that beauty there.
I’ll never give this jacket away. Ever!
I just wear it on special occasions and never let it out of my sight.
It means so much to me.
A new beginning.

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