Thinga That Matter_headphones

My english will not be perfect but I’m sure everyone will understand what i’m talking about.
I’m talking about headphones for mobile. I know those little gummy things save billions of lives and preserve from radiations (at least I hope so) but they can’t stop making me crazy.
I’m talking to you man of the future, it is good, it is really good for you to create objects to make people lives happier and safer but please don’t make the same mistake we usually do our time. If you really need to invent something to sell, try it before.
Try it hard, because some things you may create can become traps. Knotted headphones should be a warning for you and for the whole humankind of the future. To prevent humanitarian crises, try it before damn!

#crisis, #future, #headphones, #thinkbefore
Ever since I can remember, it has been in my life. I don't even know if it was mine or my brother's.
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