Things That Matter_backpack

One of the most important things I care about is the backpack I used when I was at the college.
It was not a great quality backpack, with only a single pocket where I used to put everything without any chance to find it later.
It was a present from the kids of the mini-basketball team that used to train.
Although these things, this backpack was with me during all the college years and the Erasmus period. One day I started to sew on it the flags, the emblems, the badges, the shields of all the cities I’ve been visiting during that years. From the north of Copenaghen to the south of Granada, from Greece to Portugal, all the places I’ve been visiting were represented on my backpack.
At some point, I almost started travelling just to get some new patches.
Later on, I discovered that It was not just me who were using a backpack to remind the places one has visited, but it was a quite common practice for a lot of wild travelers like I am.
My backpack is the strongest memory I have of my student and Erasmus life.
That’s why I will never forget it.

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