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There is a moment in your life when one of your most common habits drastically changes.
One of those habits you don’t even realize you have, one of those things you do every day without even noticing.
I recently moved into a new apartment and my first dinner was a bag of salad. I didn’t finish the whole bag so I immediately looked for some sealing clips to close the bag and store the salad in the fridge, but I realized I had none. I panicked.
I remember the first time I saw a sealing clip. “This is absolutely useless”, I thought. It felt like one of those inventions no one needs, like some Japanese stuff you see around on Facebook.
But now, once I got used to them, I feel like I can’t live without sealing clips.
How did I seal my bags before this invention? Did I use clothspins/clothes­pegs? Did I use sellotape? Did I just put the unfinished food to collect bacteria in an open bag in the middle of the fridge?
Oh, what a disgusting man I was…
But now, without any effort, I became a better person, someone who doesn’t let his cereals get moldy in an open bag en plen air.
So, without my sealing clips, you understand I felt inadequate, primitive, and a little bit gross, too.
You know those American commercials that introduce a new invention by showing the uncomfortable “before” and convenient “after”? And the “before” it is usually ridiculously over the top? Well, I felt like the “before” in those commercials.
I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to seal my bags without sealing clips.
I threw out the leftover salad, and the following day I ran to buy new sealing clips for my new home.
And I know those were the best 1,50 euro I’ve ever spent.


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