Things That Matter_H

There was a year in Berlin me and my boyfriend moved seven times in twelve months.
We lived in six different flats and moved every time with all our furniture, in summer, in winter, during a sunny day, through half meter of snow, with the help of our friends, on our own, with a huge van, with a small taxi, by the U-bahn.
Hoping to have the permission to stay, hoping to find a new flat because the one we were moving to was horrible.
We got flats with a rooftop, with no view outside, at the 5th floor without elevator, at the first floor with a huge elevator, with cellar, with no space where to leave our stuff, close to public transport, far from the rest of the world.
Once, a friend of mine came over to visit me in Berlin. The day before leaving, he gave me this H and said: “It’s for you guys, good luck”. “What’s that?” I laughed. “H, like Home. I really hope you’ll find yours soon”.
We got three flats more after that gift, plus a collection of pictures with a green H standing each time on a different floor.
Our home is where the H is.

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So many memories, so many pictures in my mind. We seemed able...
The time I used my money in the best way ever was coming back by bike from a club at 7 in the morning.