Things That Matter _ Smashing Pumpkins


This CD I used to listen when I was an angry and unhappy teenager, I literally consumed it! I learned by heart almost all the lyrics and sang then along with the music whenever I had time and felt depressed. I got it as a present from my boyfriend at that time and now is piled together with other CDs in my actual boyfriend´s collection. But it´s not my copy, which is actually packed since years in a cardboard box at my mother´s house. It was a natural consequence of growing up and moving abroad, or to quote the Smashing Pumpkins “the more you change, the less you feel”. I simply didn´t have this need anymore, to feel that way and each new chapter of my life had and has an always different soundtrack. But recently, through a friend of mine, I got somehow again into the grunge and indie (of the 90s) mood and I decided to re-explore past memories and atmospheres. And it´s amazing to see how you can look at your life from another perspective, diving into another dimension where you remember exactly where things were and faces around you. But the anger is gone and now you just appreciate the music, you enjoy it with a glass of wine, with closed eyes, smiling and you sing along…cause you still remember the lyrics! This is a precious jewel I happily rediscovered.

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I use technology for work. Sometimes it can even be fun. However, I must confess, I’m a little bit stuck in the Stone Age.
This book: black and white pictures, astonishing empty panoramas, deep shadows, shades of grey, shiny highlights.