Things That Matter _ Manekineko


This funny Maneki Neko is a thing that matters to me because it’s a memory of my first date with the girl I love.
The 2012 was just ended as the most unlucky year of my life for many reason. After spending my new year’s eve in Hamburg doing my worst, I came back to Milan and I met Viola.
My Karma was probably asking for my forgiveness, I thought. I was losing my interest in people at that time.
By the way, I noticed her in a seedy bar near Navigli, where I used to met just a crowd of horny men flirting with anyone’s got boobs. I introduce myself and we start joking and talking about every kind of topic, from cats to music, having a very pleasant conversation.
We both felt like eating sushi (we talked a lot about food), so a couple of days after she invited me for lunch at the Japanese restaurant near her office. We spent a great time together, even if I was kinda nervous and probably too much talkative.
At last, Viola asked for the bill and as we joined the cash register, I saw it between the bottles on the shelf. The funny ceramic cat was looking at us, and it wasn’t the classic one, the Maneki Neko you can find in every asian restaurant, this one was so fat and got a typical manga facial expression. I pointed to the cat saying to Viola how cute it was to me when the waitress addressed me: -Do you like Maneki Neko? You can take it, present for you, it’s a lucky charm!
It was so strange to me, coming from Liguria, that unknown people gave me something for free, but I accepted that gift.
The fat Maneki Neko survived three relocations and brought me a 2013 full of luck and, above all , full of love.
That’s why this cat’s got a place of honor on my desk, to remind me how lucky I am.

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It sounds wonderful. And that could be enough.
This little squirrel sits on my work desk...