Things That Matter _ purse

This is the object that I cherish the most.
My grandmother brought it to me from a trip to Rome, a pilgrimage to Saint Peter. She was so happy she could go to Rome, since she never left her hometown before!
When she came back – I remember it as if it was yesterday – she gave me this small purse for little girls. I was maybe 8. I didn’t know it was still around. My mother found it after 40 years and when she gave it to me, I cried for the emotion, because that purse represents a bond with that person that is not here anymore, but who raised me with deep love.
It’s an object of fake leather, very old and of not great value. But for me, even if I have such more valuable things, this is the most beloved one.
The memories and the love that it spreads are priceless.
(While I was writing this, I couldn’t help being moved)

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