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This small painting by Mie Jelic I bought in October 2012 in “Avlija”, a lovely country-side-style restaurant in Sarajevo. It was my first time (and so far only time) in the city, but I didn’t experience it only with the eyes of a tourist. Indeed, my boyfriend wanted to show me the city where he lived for over one year when he was 18, and where is often going back to meet friends and recall old good memories. In this restaurant we spent our last night in Sarajevo, smoking cigarettes, eating great food, drinking wine and talking about life whit a friend of his. There were plants everywhere and several paintings by this artist on the walls. Though I fell immediately in love with them, I almost changed my mind because of the “rudeness” of the owner who didn’t want to show me the painting from a closer distance. But sometimes international English could make us misunderstood and luckily my boyfriend convinced me to buy it. It’s the first thing I unpacked once back in Berlin and I put in the kitchen. Now hangs in my new kitchen and every time I look at it I have a warm feeling, like “home sweet home”.

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I got this dzesva as a goodbye present from my colleagues in Sarajevo many years ago.
I was 16 when my parents decided to leave for a road trip around Russia. I was quite scared...