Things That Matter _ Teapot

This teapot is a just a teapot.
It’s also a birthday gift my boyfriend gave me during my second year of college.
I remember I was kinda disappointed: I was expecting something romantic, chocolate or maybe roses, but when I unwrapped the present… a teapot.
I’m not even the meditative type. I drink tea only when I’m sick.
But then the years went on, the boyfriend turn into an ex boyfriend, I moved to a flat, then to another flat, then another one again. I changed city, boyfriend(s), lifestyle, I graduated, I found a job, I got fired, I cried, I moved again, I got a new job, then I quit, then got married, and had two kids, etc.
I don’t know how or why, and even if I don’t like it, that teapot is still with me. Like a mute witness to the whole chaotic process my life has been so far, it remains as things have continuously changed.
That’s why when Cleo, my oldest daughter, was about to start college, I put the teapot in her boxes without her even knowing.
I don’t believe in luck, but who knows.

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I wish it was something more beautiful or glamorous but the truth is...
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