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We used to have a game called football, which grew to become other than a simple game. It became similar to religion, in a time when traditional religions began to lose their meaning. It gave us deeper feelings than the blood of Christ, the belly of Buddha and the sword of Mohammed. It really talked to people guts and hearts in a way no holy book ever could. We were finally set back to a prehistoric age, where tribal instinct was all that mattered. Each tribe worshipped its team like a totem, watching it fight to survive and prevail in a dirty, rotten game we kept loving despite its poisoned and unfair nature, which just made it more human and real. I was one of the new believers of the totemic team. Every team had a colour, some team more than one. These were my colours. They never faded till I died.

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The mug is a souvenir from Madrid, Spain.
These sunglasses are by Italian designer Annabella. I consider them like a little jewel.