Things That Matter - pencil


When I was a kid I had a passion for my sister’s stationery, only because it was unconditionally forbidden to touch it.

When she wasn’t at home, I used to start playing with her colorful markers, inevitably wrecking them.

Many years later, when I was in high school, one day I couldn’t find my pencil. Suddenly, inspired by an ancient instinct, I sneaked into her room and found this magic mechanical pencil on her desk, there only for me. Of course, I stole it.

Now my sister is a screenwriter and she probably would have needed that pencil.

But I think that it has been fair this way: I borrowed it so that I could write by myself the movie of my life.

#childhood, #pencil, #sister, #thief 
We celebrate Death and we celebrate Life.
This hot water bottle was a present from my grandmother, when I was a little girl in Sicily.