Things That Matter _ Mug


Yes, it’s true. I’m italian. Just italian, no mix. At least, that would be an explanation. Should I say the words? Ok. I’ll do that. I don’t like espresso. Here! I did. I don’t like espresso. If I’m in a cafè, I order american coffee or a short espresso and I add a lot of water – causing horrifying expressions in the barman and in people around me. If I’m at home, I prepare a moka, I fill up my mug and I add some water. I moved few months ago but just the other day I bought small cups for coffee. I didn’t buy them before, because I don’t use them. I drink my holy morning coffee in my beloved mug. And that’s not enough. I drink very slowly. Very slowly. And, above all, I cant’ smoke cigarettes if I don’t have something to drink. So my morning coffee lasts till afternoon. I know that can seem disgusting. But I like it even if it get cold. My mother used to throw it away, even if she knew that I would look for it, at a certain time. Now I live alone. And I always can count on my mug. I dont like espresso. Wow, I just wanted to repeat it. What a relief!

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This is what we call a bookmark, it's used to mark the page of a book where you left the story. But this one has a special power.
This is what we used to call a compact disc, the only physical proof of a soundtrack I made with my sister and other friends back in 2007...